Common Suspension Training Mistakes To Avoid

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Mistakes to Avoid when Performing TRX Suspension Training

Established in the Navy SEALs, total body resistance exercise (TRX) requires you to perform exercises that rely on two hanging straps. Its goal is to improve your strength, stability and balance. One great thing about TRX suspension trainers is that they are easy to use and portable, so it’s no longer surprising to see them in plenty of fitness facilities, group fitness classes and home gyms.

The training is also beneficial as you can customize it to fit the needs of all types of users – from beginners to advanced ones. If you’re thinking of trying TRX, then make sure to avoid the following common mistakes committed by users, so you can get the results you want.

Starting incorrectly

Starting a body movement in an incorrect position can lead to unwanted results when using your suspension trainer. For instance, if you begin your motion at a position, which is too far from the end, then you’ll most likely lose the tension in the straps – causing you to break a bone and suffer from an injury.

One way to prevent this mistake is to start at the end of your intended motion, so you can determine the specific amount of tension you need. This can give you full tension while performing the entire movement. If for example, you plan to do a bicep curl, it would be best to line your body up at the end of your intended movement.

Curl your arms and place your hands at the temples. You can then bend your elbows. Next is pull your body towards the anchor, which is where you attached the TRX.

Loose straps

There are also those who do TRX training without securing the straps. Make sure to avoid this mistake as this tends to lessen the intensity of each movement, thereby losing the effectiveness of the training. Keep the straps tight when doing the exercise. Doing so can also help prevent potential injuries.

Incorrect attachments

This is one of the most harmful mistakes that anyone can make. This involves incorrectly attaching or securing the TRX suspension trainer. Make sure to triple-check the stability of the structure where you intend to attach the trainer. This is possible by pushing, shaking and leaning on it, so you will know if it can securely fasten the device.

After ensuring the stability of the structure, loop the suspension trainer over once then hook its latch into a loop, so you can identify the right length. Another mistake to avoid is directly latching it into the hook or an equipment. This will affect the intended design and purpose of the device. It can hamper the flexibility and flow of the rope, and eventually damage the device.

After looping it correctly, check several times whether the rope is secure. You can do so by shaking it and tugging the rope down. This will guarantee its stability, giving you a chance to enjoy an effective TRX workout without incurring injuries.

Jumping to complex exercises right away

You may want to do all the cool and complex exercises that you see online once you get a hold of your TRX suspension trainer, but stop yourself from doing them for a while. Keep in mind that it takes time, hard work and patience to master TRX.

Start with the basics and mater them first. These include simple bicep curls, low row, pushups, chest presses, etc., with the aid of your suspension trainer. These may be simple and less exciting, but mastering them is necessary if you want to get the best results out of more complex TRX exercises.

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